Compression Wear Worn By Athletes


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The science behind: iGOTDOMS Calf Guards

Never underestimate how much hard work your legs put into your training sessions. Get the right support to […]
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The science behind: iGOTDOMS Ductor Shorts

Get support in all the right places with the unisex +DUCTOR shorts in jet black. > The compression […]
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The science behind: iGOTDOMS Vented Leggings

Are you ready for the next generation of leggings? The signature iGOTDOMS women's Vented Leggings have been specifically […]
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What is ‘OVERLOAD - ADAPTION - PROGRESSION’ when it comes to training?

Overload is when you gradually increase the weight, frequency or number of repetitions in your routine. This challenges […]
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What are DOMS and how long do they last?

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) refers to the sore muscles you get after doing new or higher intensity […]
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