A  Company born in Yorkshire and now supplying worldwide.

We understand that price is important. That’s why we brought high quality compression wear, directly comparable to that from the market-leaders right  across the world,  to you our valued customers, at a much more competitive price.

The founder of this British company, Andy, is uniquely placed to deliver the best possible compression wear to you, the customer.  As a Physiotherapist and an Athlete, he understands both sides of the equation when it comes to making the right choices for your sportswear.

We passionately believe that compression clothing is for more than just sports. If you are working in a physical industry, we believe that compression can be as beneficial to you as it can be to those in the sports world.


Andy Wray -  The Company Founder

(AKA “The Ideas Man”)

Dad, Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer, Ex-pro Rugby League, passionate, sociable, energetic, inspiring, motivating, ambitious. Oh, and with loads of new ideas about everything, every day!


I launched iGotDOMS  in 2013, alongside my lifestyle business AVA which specialises in Physiotherapy and Personal Training.  The brand iGOTDOMS was born from a simple text received following one of my gruelling boxing and circuit classes.  Initially, trying to get a new business off the ground, whilst working on the other challenges I love to set myself such as raising  money for charity was really frustrating. I soon realised that I needed help. People are very  important to me, so finding somebody that I could work with, get along  with and who had additional, valuable skills  was vital. It soon became apparent that the people that gave me the most consistent support were my clients and the Rugby League family I had left some years previous.

iGOTDOMS is about people, all shapes and sizes and all abilities. The clothes we wear should help use train in comfort, look good and recover us as fast as possible. My compression company was developed to do just that and the people that get to wear it belong to a special community because we've pushed ourselves to a whole new limit.

welcome to the #DOMSFAM