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When The DOMs Kick In

You know that  you have had a good session when the DOMS kick in!

The toxins created and the repair matrix cause pain signals which can typically peak 48 hours after the event, this is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. 

Whatever your ambition may be; whether at work or training for a marathon, hand balling a load at work or completing an ironman challenge, shredding that extra weight or completing your first gym class, all of our muscle cells react in exactly the same way when pushed to their capacity.

Our compression wear helps you perform at your very best, supporting your muscles during exercise, assisting you with temperature regulation and all the time ensuring that you look fantastic. Following your workout the compression aids recovery by increasing the blood flow to your muscles by gently increasing the venous return pressure.

Children respond in exactly the same way as adults, which is why  we have introduced the amazing diddy DOMS Range for the U16's.

So where did the strap line for our company come from? It all began after a circuit training session Andy had completed. The next day he received a text from one of his friends which simply said :
 "I got DOMS".

Brilliant, Andy now had the name for his performance clothing. iGotDoms "wear your clothing as a badge of honour".